Vision & Mission

Welcome to The Sardar Bhagat Singh Open University in South Asia. We are the most popular university in South Asia for flexible, part-time study. Social justice is at our core: our high quality education is accessible to all, regardless of age, income, qualifications or geography. Working with our partners, from employers and trade unions, to schools and voluntary sector groups, we can deliver personalised, supported open learning to a wide range of people at every stage of life. What the New Education Policy of 2021 in India has envisaged, we have been doing since 2003. We have been delivering Online Education since 2003. Highlights of the Policy are as under: All Educational Institutions to be treated at Par: Private, Government, Deemed and Autonomous. *5 Years Fundamental* 1. Nursery @4 Years 2. Jr KG @5 Years 3. Sr KG @6 Years 4. Std 1st @7 Years 5. Std 2nd @8 Years *3 Years Preparatory* 6. Std 3rd @9 Years 7. Std 4th @10 Years 8. Std 5th @11 Years *3 Years Middle* 9. Std 6th @12 Years 10.Std 7th @13 Years 11.Std 8th @14 Years *4 Years Secondary* 12.Std 9th @15 Years 13.Std SSC @16 Years 14.Std FYJC @17Years 15.STD SYJC @18 Years ** Sardar Bhagat Singh Open University is Founded by Dr Jawahar Laal Raina, The Pioneer of Skill Education in South Asia, Dr R K Sharma, MD, who runs a chain of SP Home Clinics and Paramedical Colleges with Ms Hema Joshi, Prominent Social Activist.